The Morton Trophy

Inclusive, Simple

The core goal of a good series, is that everyone gets a great race, that is so clean and fun, it makes the party after…. even better. The objective of this series is to include as many cars as can coherently race together, in the spirit of great Sedan and Touring car racing.

There will be two classes that race together The Heritage Class and the CSRG Touring Cars (CTC). They will be timed & scored separately and trophies and awards will be given out to deserving drivers in each class

Eligible Cars & Classes

Heritage Cars: 1966 though 1975 cars with documented race history, or prepped to the Trans-Am U-2, 2.5 Challenge or B,C, or D Sedans using period livery and sponsorship ID.

CSRG Touring Cars (CTC) : 1966 through 1979 SCCA ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ Sedan cars & Touring cars that conform to the spirit of the rules…. B Sedan Lite, Improved Touring (IT) B, or C for example

Car preparation Rules

Heritage cars: Prepared to SCCA Sedan rules, but SVRA or VARA Rules for  transmission & brakes are acceptable.

CSRG Touring Cars: Per SCCA, SVRA or VARA Rules but cars may only conform to one Rule Set – no mixing or cherry-picking across the different rule sets.

Tires and Weights

Any treaded DOT tire accepted HMSA, SVRA or VARA.  Note: Slicks (Hoosier R7s, for ex.) are specifically excluded.

Weights:  As per SVRA or VARA rules.

Awards Ceremony and Paddock Party: The major races will be held on Saturday, with a social gathering being held shortly after the race.

Of Special Note: In addition to wanting to build race group cohesiveness & camaraderie, the club’s intent with this series is to also create an environment that is inclusive, not exclusive. Accordingly, the club will make every effort to work with entrants.

If you have questions regarding the events, driver or car eligibility, etc., contact Jon Norman at 510.525.9435.